Six Minute Social Skills Workbook 1

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Janine Toole
Happy Frog Press
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<p>Welcome to the Six-Minute Social Skills series of workbooks for children with Autism. <br /> </p><p><br /> This series of social skills worksheets is designed for busy parents and professionals who need easy-to-use and effective materials to work with learners who have Autism, Asperger's and similar social skill challenges. <br /> </p><p><br /> The <b>Conversation Skills</b> workbook provides step-by-step activities that develop strong communication skills. Students learn how to choose and introduce appropriate topics, add on-topic comments and questions, and show interest with body language and gaze.<br /> </p><p><br /> No more topic bombs. No more interrogations. No more special-interest talk that goes on and on. <br /> </p><p><br /> Grab this workbook, start with the first easy-to-use worksheet, and get your learner on the road to social success.</p></p><p>Schedule</p><p>Schedule</p><p>Schedule</p>
SKU: 9780995320826
Publisher:  Happy Frog Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 116
Country of Publication: 0
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Size: 279 x 216 x 6

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