Slainte agus Follaine OSPS 2 (2ND Year)

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Sláinte agus Folláine OSPS 2 is the Irish language version of Health and Wellbeing 2 Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 2 covers the four strands and learning outcomes of the SPHE element of Wellbeing and the New Junior Cycle SPHE short course Address each of the Eight Key Skills of the new Junior Cycle Use understandable and age-appropriate language with Learning Outcomes for each unit Follow best practice in addressing the health and wellbeing needs of young people Contain a wide variety of active learning methodologies such as drama, collage, traffic lights, quizzes, animations, debates, film-making and more Emphasise the theoretical background of topics with up-to-date research findings and references to provoke thought and discussion Focus on developing students skills in literacy (oral and digital presentation, reports, debating and drama) and numeracy (surveys, statistics, graphs and charts) Avoid a one size fits all lesson-based approach allowing class groups the flexibility to progress through each topic at their own pace Include a wide range of activities and assessment techniques that acknowledge the different learning styles List Key words at the beginning of each unit and explained throughout the text Contain Learning Logs which encourage students to reflect on their learning and keep a record of it, facilitating the completion of classroom-based assessments (CBAs) and student journals

SKU 9781845369491
Author Anne Potts
Publisher Edco Educational Company of Ireland
Number Of Pages 198
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