Sounds Good Phonics 3 1St Class

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Jane O'Loughlin
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Sounds Good Phonics is an exciting series that has all the material needed to consolidate pupils' learning of phonics. Designed to be used alongside any existing phonics programme, it provides structured, step-by-step activities to develop phonics skills and caters for the everyday challenges teachers may face: Promotes full pupil participation in a large class throughout a lesson Offers forms of assessment that will best provide accurate information regarding the progress of the individual pupil Supports a teaching structure that caters for all abilities in a spiral manner The series uses a number of methodologies that will help teachers to consolidate and further enhance the teaching of phonics in their class: Phonics fans in each activity book ensure all pupils must offer an answer to each phonics question Numerous reinforcing games are detailed in the teacher's handbook, including a wide variety of fun spelling games A major emphasis is placed at this level within the programme on alternative spellings for different sounds, with characters from the sound families and games presented in the teacher's handbook Blending activities based on groups of sounds are included throughout the activity Phonics for fun sessions are a perfect support for station working and group work Regular revision pages consolidate learning   TEACHER SUPPORT Full-colour Teacher's Handbooks include: Four copies of each test with different content in each to prevent copying Directory of words which acts as an excellent quick reference guide for busy teachers   DIGITAL RESOURCES Digital material to support the series is available for teachers on, our digital resources website. These include a bank of printable blending worksheets, as well as reading and dictation sheets. These structured sheets present blending in manageable chunks, allowing even the weakest pupil to experience success.
SKU: 9780717154760
Author:  Jane O'Loughlin
Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 112
Language:  English
Publisher:  24879
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date:  18 Feb 2013
Size: 295 x 220 x 15

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