Super Sleuth 2Nd Class

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Super Sleuth is a unique maths series for 1st to 6th Class that gives pupils and teachers strategies to effectively develop problem-solving skills. Designed to be used hand-in-hand with any core maths programme, it is the ideal problem-solving solution for your classroom. Focuses on the ten main problem-solving strategies, developing problem-solving skills, encouraging higher order thinking and enabling pupils to take responsibility for their own learning. Trial and improvement Working backwards Working systematically Logical reasoning Visualisation Patterns Make a table Act it out Make a model Simplify Introduces the CLUES acronym, a teacher- and pupil-friendly framework developed uniquely for Super Sleuth to tackle the most common problem-solving difficulties experienced in Irish classrooms. Consolidates the learning of problem-solving skills through worked examples and astep-by-step approach Places an emphasis on developing mathematical language and a positive attitude towards problem-solving
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