Allons en France 1, 2nd ed JC

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The series has been reorganised: Book 1 is designed specifically for 1st years Book 2 for 2nd and 3rd years Each can be used with Higher and Ordinary levels.

The content has been changed to make it more accessible and user-friendly, allowing the student to ease into the language.

Encourages an awareness of how the language works in a clear and simple way while offering a wealth of information about France and the French.

Provides continuous revision and frequent opportunities to recycle language.

Prepares the student thoroughly for the Junior Certificate by taking a very logical progression through the course.

Every chapter is divided into 3 sections:

Section 1: 'écoutez!' introduces the student to new language in the form of short dialogues and texts.

Section 2: 'Découvrez les règles!' shows how the language works. Learners must formulate rules about the language presented in the first pages (the 'écoutez' section). So, identify, state and memorise the structure!

Section 3: 'à vous!' contains a great variety of activities where students have to reproduce what they have learnt in the previous two sections. This includes activities such as écoutez, complétez, reliez, présentez-vous, dictée, jeux de rôles, prononcez bien, lisez, écrivez, cherchez and parlez.

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Author Lennart Reichenbach
Publisher Gill
Number Of Pages 229
Publication Country Republic Of Ireland
Condition New