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Physics Now covers the complete Leaving Certificate course, including both options. Description - Higher and Ordinary level material is clearly identified and experiments are set out with step-by-step instructions. Questions at the end of each chapter are similar to the types and styles of Leaving Certificate questions. The free CD-ROM accompanying the book contains mandatory experiments. Topics Covered: 1 Reflection of Light. 2 Refraction of Light. 3 Lenses. 4 Helping the Eyen5 Waves. 6 The Spectrum. 7 Sound 8 Vectors and Scalars. 9 Linear Motion. 10 Forces. 11 Moments. 12 Energy Sourcesn13 Work, Energy and Power. 14 Density and Pressure. 15 Circular Motion. 16 Heat, Temperature and Thermometersn17 Transmission of Heat. 18 Heat Capacity and Latent Heat. 19 Static Electricity. 20 Electric Fields. 21 Simple circuitsn22 Magnetism and Magnetic Fields. 23 Measuring Resistances. 24 The Heating and Chemical Effects of an Electric Currentn25 The Force on a Current-carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field. 26 Applied Electricity: Current and Magnetic Fields (Option 2). 27 Electromagnetic Induction. 28 Electromagnetic Induction (Option 2). 29 Capacitors and Capacitancen30 Semiconductors. 31 Applied Electricity: Semiconductors (Option 2). 32 The Electron. 33 Photoelectric Emission and X-rays. 34 Radioactivity. 35 The Structure of the Atom. 36 Radioactive Decay. 37 Uses of Radioisotopes and Radiation Hazards. 38 Nuclear Energy. 39 Inside the Atom (Option 1). 40 Fundamental Particles (Option 1). Answers to Long Numerical Questions. Index nn nn
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