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John McCarthy
Gill Education
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A textbook written specifically for Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level students sitting their examination in 2011 and onwards, providing a complete approach to Poetry and Language skills


  • Poems presented in a clear and attractive style to engage the student
  • Concise biographies of each poet give the student a context for the poem
  • Glossaries of terms included
  • Exploration questions develop understanding, as the poem is read and re-read
  • Unique 'Links to Language' questions connect the student to the skills of the Language section
  • Comprehensive notes for each poem provided in a separate section
  • Suggestions given for approaching the unseen poem
  • Past exam questions included

Language Skills

Paper 1 is covered in an accessible and progressive way:

  • Comprehension samples and questions are provided
  • Practical guidelines on how to approach writing skills are given
  • Sample exam questions and answers included
SKU: 9780717145324
Publisher:  Gill Education
Format: Paperback
Pages: 243
Edition: 2nd Edition
Country of Publication: Dublin, Ireland
Publication Date: 
Size: 1 x 1

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