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Voilà is a two-volume course designed to prepare students for the Junior Certificate French examination. Voilà 1 is for use in First/Second year, while Voilà 2 completes the Higher Level course The Voilà texts are designed to help students to speak, understand, read and write everyday French.Voilà 1 introduces six young French people. We find out about their family and friends, where they live, what they enjoy doing, wearing, eating and so on. Each chapter in Voilà books contains useful vocabulary as well as a special grammar section. Listening comprehension in each chapter allows students to familiarise themselves with French speakers. A selection of French recipes, poems and rhymes as well as a mime test is included in each unit. A revision at the back summarises both books and gives examination tips. nVoilà 2 is accompanied by cassettes (purchased seperately) containing listening material that is integrated into the book and highlighted with icons. n

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