You Are Here - A Student's Guide To Navigating 1st Year

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Starting post primary school can be an overwhelming time for incoming first year students. Following on from the success of the Stepping Up first year induction programme, 4Schools have published You are Here, a supportive and refreshing approach to helping students transition to post primary school. You Are Here A Student's Guide to Navigating 1st Year is designed to give new students a comprehensive start on their post primary school journey. The idea behind the programme is to pace and repeat the information they receive as many new students find this a very challenging and overwhelming time. Placing the student at the centre of the induction process and dedicating time to settling them into their new school is essential to making this a positive experience. The programme addresses the recurring issues that incoming first year's face and details the school supports that are available to all. The programme aims to equip students with the tools they need to be active members of their new school community and promotes positive learning behaviours from day one.
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